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Body Therapy

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Free your Spirit, Mind, & Body

Body Therapy

We offer an integrative process which taps into the subconscious & conscious root of symptoms. This integrative process combines spirit, mind, and body in concert to resolve emotional trauma, destructive thought patterns, and physical symptoms. When all three elements of the person are working together, the change is deep and lasting. We partner together in discovering the subconscious & conscious root of your symptoms and work together to help you transform your life and be set free!  

Body Therapy is designed for us to review your current symptoms and perform a physical evaluation of the body through the use of muscle testing.  Body Therapy examines the body and its energy systems (organs, organ systems, meridians, chakras) and the stressors on those systems (immune, environmental, beliefs and emotions).  


During this session, your practitioner will help you connect the dots among your various symptoms so that you can understand how they relate to what is going on inside your body.  Additionally, we will recommend supplements and vitamins that support your body on the path to optimal wellness! 

$95 hourly, initial session $175

Free your Spirit, Mind, & Body!

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1
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In faith, there is hope.

In hope, there is healing!

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