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"Since I started seeing Michelle Malloch, NTP on February 21, 2017, I've seen a lot of improvements. In the first week, I didn't have any sinus pressure or post nasal drip. Although, we weren't trying, I lost 25 pounds! I started at 246 lbs and now 5 months later, I'm down to 221 lbs. My blood pressure is down 10 points and my resting pulse dropped. I sleep so much better, with no tossing and turning throughout the night. She has taught me about cooking and eating better. I recommend her to everyone to whom I talk. Michelle is very compassionate and answers any questions I have, day or night. I'm so glad I found her!"

Jim G.

What are clients saying...

"I am 66 years old and I have known about holistic aspects for 20 years which has helped to keep me free from all prescription medications and I want to keep it that way. Two years ago, I heard of Michelle with high praises. My only regret is that it took me too long to contact her for care. It would take too much to name all she has done but I will say she has actually transformed me from head to toe with her wellness and nutritional care. I pass things on that I learn to others, so Michelle doesn’t even know all the people she has helped! To me, her name is HOPE, for that is what she has certainly given me.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and may we continue to grow together!!"

Darlene T.

Age 66

"Over the last 13 years I have been to many different holistic practitioners to regain my health. You name it, I've tried it! I saw small gains throughout the 13 years although there continued to be lingering issues that no one could seem to address. I was about to give up completely and just learn to live that way because I thought there was nothing I could do about it. A friend recommended I give one more thing a try and she said 'Go to see Michelle'. I have been through muscle testing with other practitioners before and was hesitant. From the moment I met Michelle, I knew she was different. She genuinely cares about you and wants to do whatever it takes to help you heal. She not only uses muscle testing and supplements; she also addresses emotional issues that are blocking your healing, nutrition, and is intuitive in her approach to what you may need in your healing. She is constantly expanding her knowledge to help her clients. I have been seeing Michelle for a little over a year and have made more progress in that year than I did in the prior 13 years all together! She is so gifted at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone. I genuinely love my appointments with her and look forward to many more (although much less frequent now)! Thank you for all you do Michelle!!!!"

Denise S. 

"I feel like a different person and can eat better now. She really helped me a lot, and I feel good now."

Joseph C. 

Age 10

Stephanie has truly been an answer to prayer. I suffer from the effects of complex PTSD.  I have been seeking trauma healing support for over 25 years. A lot of the support I received has helped but it wasn’t until I started working with Stephanie that I realized there was still a significant amount of healing that needed to take place.  God has truly gifted Stephanie as a Splankna practitioner. After just one Splankna session with Stephanie, I felt something shift inside to a deeper level of healing - deep into my spirit. I have more relief now since working with Stephanie then I’ve ever experienced in any other energy modality. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her. She is truly gifted and I am forever grateful for her God-given gifts and talents. 

Lisa C.

"I went to my GP today who has known our entire family for close to 30 years. He asked if anything was new so I told him about seeing you. His response: Good for you! And then he asked for your cards so he could give them to other patients who ask.


How am I feeling? Yesterday, for the first time in twenty years, I actually woke up feeling like I was alive instead of just warmed over. I cleaned out the biggest shelves in my basement, made sure the haymakers had water, set up my new dehydrator and felt a normal physical tired. And went to bed and fell asleep at 10. Today, I don't feel like major cleaning, but I still have energy to do some physical work and don't need to sit on the couch to recuperate. This is only after 3 months of treatment. Meanwhile, my morning achy bones were gone in the first month of treatment as was my inability to fall asleep early and quickly. Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to whole months and years of feeling good again."

Lois M.


You've always helped me personally, at every stage of my health, and now you're helping my son. Your assessment has been such a positive experience. I get tears just thinking about what a true blessing you've been to my family. Since his diagnosis of PANDAS, for the first time in months, I truly feel like my boy is going to pull through, get better, and actually be okay. He's even feeling hopeful. After meeting with you, seeing you in your office, watching you do your thing, and listening to your explanations about the body and its functionality, discussing dietary choices, and protocols ... I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. We are meant to be under your care! Honestly, you are AMAZING at this. I left feeling SO hopeful, encouraged, and safe! I haven't felt that way in months. The tears tonight are filled with love, thankfulness, and appreciation, not fear, desperation, and sadness. I thank you deeply for taking such good care of us. I am so thankful for you and I appreciate all that you're doing to help us."

Erica S.

Chase S.

"I started as Michelle’s client over a year ago. I first started seeing her because I never had energy during the day, I could not fall asleep at night, and I also had strong sugar cravings. Along with always feeling exhausted, I got strep throat twice a year and had to frequently take antibiotics. Since I’ve been Michelle’s client, I haven’t needed antibiotics or had a sore throat.  Also, I feel more energized, sleep better at night, and have no desire to eat what my body doesn’t want."

Katherine C

Age 17

"I have had great results with going to see Michelle every week for the last 8 weeks. I have lost weight, come off my migraine meds, feeling healthy, and also more energy then when I started. It takes time to undo the damage all the meds have done and being older having been on them for a long time. I am being patient and looking forward to getting more of my energy back every week. Michelle is very knowledgeable and cares about each person. I can call her anytime I need to talk to her. I am so glad we found each other. Thank you Michelle."

Linda K.

"I was referred to Michelle through a friend after struggling with digestive issues since my early 20's and wanting to address a few other issues including psoriasis and infertility. I attended a session with my friend just to meet Michelle and see if our personalities would be compatible. I was impressed from the start. Michelle is one of the most compassionate, loving, and genuine people I have ever met. I booked an appointment with her as soon as I could and have been growing, learning, and healing over these past few months. I have learned so many things about how the body functions and how to feed and honor my body with the respect it deserves. Michelle is always just a text or phone call away if there is an issue with anything."

Nadya K.

"Michelle is a true healer. She is caring and well-trained. Moved over a year ago and miss having her take care of our family!!!"

Melissa D.

"After seeing Michelle, I finally found someone who understood how awful I was feeling. FINALLY there was some HOPE in healing myself without meds, as well as incorporating certain foods and supplements that are appropriate for my body to accomplish better health."


"I am a believer in healing naturally, if possible, and Michelle has been able to guide, educate, and direct me on the right path. My goal is to feel better and maintain great health. Hope In Healing has helped me feel there is HOPE."


"Thank you for YOU Michelle."

Jacqueline S.

"I have been a client of the holistic community since 2008 but really got to another level of healing since coming under Michelle's care. I am now at a healthy weight, sleep well, and am no longer dependent upon prescription medication for typical middle age maladies. I have truly aged backwards! Thank you Michelle!!! "

Sue K.

"I have been working with Michelle for nutritional healing for the last 6 months. Each system in by body has received healing through diet, lifestyle, and supplements. I am sleeping better, feeling better, and off 5 medications. Michelle takes much care in finding a true bio-individual way of healing for each client. I highly recommend her."

Erin B., NTP

"I came to Michelle about 4 months ago with migraine and digestive problems that I had been having for over 3 years. They began shortly after having my third child and had become very debilitating which led to stealing valuable time from my life and family. I went to many medical doctors and specialists whose response and diagnosis was always to just try a new medication. I was tired of being a guinea pig and dealing with side effects of medication. I researched and tried so many different techniques that never helped.  I am so grateful every day that my friend Cheryl told me about Michelle and my life changed dramatically!! Michelle knew and could understand everything I had been through. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people that I have ever met. She has a giant heart and is always looking to help people in any way that she can. She is unbelievably knowledgeable in her field and her ability to come up with the exact plan and supplements to heal my body has left me in awe!! Michelle is a very special person and I thank God every day that he sent her into my life to heal me. I have now lost 30 pounds, come off almost all of my migraine medication, and feel better than I have in years. I truly have my life back and I am not losing anymore precious time with my family and children. Thank you Michelle for everything from the bottom of my heart!!"

Colleen P.

"Originally I came to Michelle with one goal, to loose weight. In the past 5 months that I’ve been treating with her, following her protocol, and emotional guidance/support, I have seen tremendous positive results on so many levels. It’s turned out to be a personal health journey that has improved my energy, brain function, emotional mood and of course, I’ve lost weight. Working with Michelle has been a great experience, she is not only kind, caring but so unbelievably knowledgeable. There is no doubt that she has helped me move towards a healthier and more positive lifestyle and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Michelle :)."

Veronica Y.

"Back on August 16th of 2017, I began seeing Michelle. I was totally exhausted and my dietary choices were horrific. I consumed diet soda like it was going out of style and drank very little water. Having Tastykakes was a daily thing for me, along with drinking Wawa dark roasted coffee. It was recommended that I see Michelle by my chiropractor. I am seeing her because my goal is to get off of all my prescriptions that I'm on. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after having bypass surgery 12 years ago and being put on statin drugs to lower my cholesterol. Since May, I have been off of the statin that I was on and my next goal is to get off of the Metformin that I'm taking for the diabetes. Michelle has me making better choices of the food I eat and I haven't had a soda in over 6 months. Tastykakes are a thing of the past, and now occasionally, I have a decaf coffee. The last time I had a piece of candy was over 2 years ago. Working with Michelle has given me my energy back. She has truly been a blessing to me and my family. The nice thing about her is she has been working with me at my pace."

Don S.

Since I started with Stephanie, I have experienced many positive shifts on an emotional and physical level. During the day, I experience a more grateful attitude towards my life and my relationships with others. As I allow God to heal my emotions, my body heals and becomes stronger. I appreciate Stephanie’s encouragement and wisdom through my healing journey.

Katherine C.

When I first came to Hope In Healing I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy and I wasn't confident in myself. Nutrition has help me not feel lightheaded and dizzy and also has help me get better sleep. Splankna has helped me to be more confident in myself. I also found myself getting more along with people in my life.

Christine C.

Stephanie is probably one of the sweetest women you will ever meet. She treats her clients with such compassion and grace. I have been so blessed by her and by the gifts and talents God has given her.

Jennifer O.

"Michelle is such a wonderful practitioner. She really takes the time to listen to your needs, hear your concerns, and works with you to figure out the best plan that fits your schedule. I personally live 2 hours away, and have been driving to see Michelle for 6 months. She has been very accomodating with my personal schedule and customized needs for my unique situation. I highly recommend her. She is also a kind, caring, and compasisonate caregiver and person."

Farrah M., RN

Steph is a very perceptive and thorough practitioner. She has helped me break through stubborn patterns of belief and has helped me open doors for myself to improve myself.

Michele D.

"I am embarked on my healing journey with Michelle in December 2017. In the past 11 months, she has been expertly supporting my body as it heals itself from the many effects of chronic Lyme disease and mercury poisoning (probably caused by dental amalgam’s). I appreciate Michelle’s wealth of knowledge, kindness, empathy and guidance.  She sees her clients as unique individuals and cares for us accordingly. Her own health challenges have motivated her to use her God-given talents to help others on their journey to achieve optimal wellness. I always look forward to our sessions. Thank you, Michelle! Your motto says well: 'In faith, there is hope. In hope, there is healing.'"


Lynn P., RN

"I’ve spent the past 5 years of my life not feeling well with no resolution from doctors. Friends and family started to tell me that all of my unusual symptoms were just in my head and suggested I see someone to talk about it. Talk about defeating! I knew something was wrong with my body but couldn’t find the answers. I started to think no one would be able to help me. Finally one evening while my husband was traveling I started to have paralysis in my face, hands and feet. It was such a scary moment but thought that this might just be what it would take to get answers. After many tests to rule out the usual suspects like MS, stroke etc, after specialist appts and hospital appointments, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. I began seeing a LLD in downtown Washington DC and started to feel a little bit of hope that I wasn’t crazy and that I could prob get well in 2-5 years, or so they said. About 2 years into my treatment I just felt like God wanted me to go down a different path of healing. The antibiotics I was taking made me feel so  sick that it was getting more difficult to swallow them and when I didn’t take them my Lyme came back with a vengeance. It was a vicious cycle that took away my will to try to get better.  That’s until I found Michelle. I took just great comfort knowing she had a similar journey with her Lyme and just had this feeling that she was going to take care of me. This was the first time I actually felt hopeful that I would get well. Through eating right, taking all natural supplements, and prayer I know I’ll recover one day! 
Michelle is a compassionate and loving person! I love working with her and know because of her own personal journey of healing, I will heal to! Thank you so much Michelle. You are appreciated more than you know!"

Stephanie M.

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In faith, there is hope.

In hope, there is healing!

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